Beginning in early December 2009, Jake Stachovak (Sta-ho-vi-ack) put in on the icy Wisconsin River in Portage, WI to begin his long-time dream trip.  The spirit of this trip was as much about the people as it was about the miles and miles of water.  The idea was to show everyone the kind of adventure they can find right in their back yard, and to share in that adventure as much as possible.

Learn more about Jake and his trip at Portage to Portage Paddling Project

As if that trip wasn't enough, see Jake's other project, 100 boats in 100 days

A special shout-out from Jake to Chad Pegracke and Living Lands & Waters. Check out the work they're doing to preserve the Mississippi and other waterways. Also, a big thanks to California Kayak Friends for sharing knowledge and instilling a love of endurance paddling.

Want to recreate Jake's trip? Here are a few resources:

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Photo credit: Michael Franklin 


The Great Loop Experience - From Concept to Completion A Practical Guide for Planning, Preparing and Executing Your Great Loop Adventure

Cycling the Erie Canal, Revised Edition: A Guide to 400 Miles of Adventure and History Along the Erie Canalway Trail (Parks & Trails New York)

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