Today’s guest is Nick Schade. Nick is a boat designer and builder from Connecticut here in the USA.  Nick runs Guillemot Kayaks and his boat plans ar...View Details

Today’s guest is Erin Bastian. We’re talking with Erin about her travels through the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the Greek Isles and Corsica. Erin...View Details

Today's episode features the President and co-founder of Level Six, Stig Larsson. Stig shares his story of traveling the World Cup slalom circuit, giv...View Details

Today we make our way back to the UK for a fascinating conversation with Jeff Allen. Jeff is joining us today from his sailboat, Wild Rover, to share...View Details

Today’s episode will feature the crew from Four the Water. This group of friends came together for a 102 day trip of a lifetime circumnavigating Lake...View Details

Today we’re going to Scotland to talk with Will Copestake about a trip he named Machair to Munro. Solo at 23 years old, Will spent a year traveling a...View Details

Today we head to South America to hear Darcy Gaechter’s story. Darcy is the author of Amazon Woman and she shares the story of her 148-day expedition ...View Details

This episode features Beau Miles. He’s a film maker, writer, PhD, and a man of many adventures, some paddling, others more unique and equally fascinat...View Details

Today’s interview is less about the actual paddling and more about the craft we use to paddle, and building and growing a business around paddlesports...View Details

Justine Curgenven joins this episode of Paddling the Blue to share her experience, along with Sarah Outen, paddling Alaska's Aleutian Island Chain. En...View Details

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