Australian Mark Sundin joins me for today’s episode of the Paddling the Blue. Mark is one of the founders of Expedition Kayaks, along with Rob Mercer....View Details

In today’s episode, James Manke will take us on an exciting journey down the Grand Canyon, in a sea kayak, with a Greenland paddle. You’ll learn about...View Details

In this episode, John sits down with Mick O’Meara to talk about his record setting journeys around Ireland, his thoughts on training and preparation, ...View Details

Fi and James Corfe join Paddling the Blue to share their adventures. They started by teaching each other to paddle, did a few smaller trips, and then ...View Details

John Willacy is well-known in the fast sea kayaking community as both a highly-accomplished paddler, a multi-time national champion, and designer of t...View Details

Today’s guest is David Horkan.  David is a prolific racer, International Sea Kayak Guide Association Advanced Guide leading programs worldwide, and cu...View Details

Today I’m joined by Andy Cochrane, Luke Walker, and Wyatt Roscoe. In this episode, we explore a region that many have crossed in lesser craft. Their c...View Details

Today we talk with Chev Dixon. Chev is the driving force behind the Hudson River Riders program in Yonkers, NY. Chev and his team are doing great thi...View Details

Today’s guest is Jorgen van der Pol, also known as Kayak Cobber.  I first learned of Kayak Cobber when he posted a brief note on a Facebook group, cas...View Details

Today’s guest is Olly Sanders. Olly has brought together two of his passions, alpine mountaineering and kayaking and combined them together into some...View Details

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