This episode features Beau Miles. He’s a film maker, writer, PhD, and a man of many adventures, some paddling, others more unique and equally fascinat...View Details

Today’s interview is less about the actual paddling and more about the craft we use to paddle, and building and growing a business around paddlesports...View Details

Justine Curgenven joins this episode of Paddling the Blue to share her experience, along with Sarah Outen, paddling Alaska's Aleutian Island Chain. En...View Details

If you’re active on the Internet you’ve probably seen Dimitri’s videos, reviews, and antics with his Northsea Kayak paddling team.  Dimitri is a great...View Details

Yuri Endres joins the podcast to share his story about a trip to a venue not normally on most people’s paddling bucket list: Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia...View Details

Graham Charles and the Adventure Philosophy team became the first to paddle the entire length of the Antarctic Peninsula (2001) and the first to circu...View Details

Mike Ranta shares stories of paddling across the entire North American Continent in a single season. As if once wasn’t enough, he did it a second time...View Details

In this episode, I am joined by Zack Kruzins. Zack has packed an amazing amount of paddling across the globe into a few short years.  Fresh off a gui...View Details

Chris Hipgrave is truly a man of many talents, equally at home in a sea kayak, wildwater boat, surfski, creek boat, and probably anything else that fl...View Details

Richard J. Varga was living and guiding in Norway and decided it was time to return home to Hungary. So, he packed his boat and paddled there.  Richar...View Details

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